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Тема: 'Devil in World Trade Center Smoke' photo

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    Exclamation 'Devil in World Trade Center Smoke' photo

    Judge the incredible image caught on film in the World Trade Center smoke on 9/11 for yourself:

    Go to http://www.shop1.net link to the photo is on the right hand side of the page.

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    Hello, Vegas!
    Satan the Devil was the first manslayer, because he told a lie (John 8:43,44). And today Satan is misleading peoples, because he knows that he has a short period of time (Re12:9,12). Even some believers kill people now, thinking they serve to God (John 16:2).
    And we must be very attentive, because Devil can mislead and us too. Bible says to us that we must walking by faith, not by sight (2Cor.5:7). We neen't to have a picture of Satan to believ that he exists and that he is a perpetrator of many tragedies.

    Sincerely Yours,

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    счастливая мама Аватар для Tanya
    Sarasota, FL


    Even if this picture is not a fake, why should it be the face of satan??
    Haven't you ever looked up at the clouds, seeing them as horses, pigs, unicorns, magic castles, faces. Once I even most clearly saw a perfect AutoVAZ Logo in the sky!!! And my mom, dad and my little sister saw it too. Too bad we didn't have a camera!!
    I can see things in cracks on the walls, in smoke, in clouds, in fire, even in my fluffy bathroom mat! It doesn't really mean they are there
    There is a face on the wooden door of my bathroom U want a picture?? I mean it is clearly a face of a bearded man in a hood, protruding his lips as if saying "oh"!! Spooky, huh?
    Ибо Ты возвеселил меня, Господи, творением Твоим: я восхищаюсь делами рук Твоих.
    Как велики дела Твои, Господи! дивно глубоки помышления Твои!

    Псалтирь 91:5-6

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    Участник с неподтвержденным email

    Thumbs down

    that's not real.
    I can put your face wherever you want in Photoshop....
    Последний раз редактировалось Tanya; 04.03.2004 в 20:56.

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    Not only face...

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